Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayday! Underground and √art/craft

Boy oh boy oh boy! What a weekend! I've already had a lot of time to reflect on it, and I finally think my brain is settling back to normal (as normal as that is, I suppose). Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures to share, but one of Casey's friends was documenting all the vendors and I asked her to get some shots of the exhibition. So I'm just waiting on those and will post them somewhere I have them.

For starters, this Mayday! was, hands down, my most successful show! I got outstanding feedback on all of my work and a lot of people walked away with Soft Shell journals for recording their notes, ideas, and creations.
I have some stocking up to do on the Beer Notebooks (I only have Saranac brand left, of course).
I also need to make some new map books before the Indie Garage Sale in Utica this December. I met someone at Mayday! who had great things to say about IGS and suggested I stock up. It's a 2 day fair and the first one I'll be doing any 'traveling' for.

Art/Craft exhibition, even with all its fly-by-the-seed-of-our-pants craziness was very well received! And it was one hell of a learning experiencing. We moved in a ton of portable walls, some of which were unreasonably heavy, built an artwork hanging system that was not particularly efficient but worked nonetheless, and 3 pieces in the exhibition sold. I'm still sore from all the lifting and climbing and moving and standing, but it was well worth it.
And I can't stop thanking everyone who helped out because I just don't know what I would have done with them.

And this experience has made me yearn for some sort space with real walls and lighting to do these sorts of things.

Next on the agenda: post the books that didn't sell at Mayday (so if you missed out, you'll have a chance on the Etsy), get ready for the Art Garage Sale on Sunday (where I'll be selling some of my Vietnam photography), and all various other adventures to come. We're approaching the holiday season, so there will only be more to do over the next 2 months.

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  1. Loved the exhibit! I never got some of my work in it because of my own laziness, maybe next year! Great show!