Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Treasury for a Tuesday : RNEST Creatures

After our meeting last night, I decided to make a treasury this week featuring RNEST members and some things with make about animals.

RNEST Creatures, featuring :


Craft Fair, Craft Fair, SLEEP

I've had 2 two-day fairs over the past two weeks, so I hope that is a reasonable excuse for not posting very consistently.

Firstly was Craftmas with RNEST during the first weekend of December. About 20 of us set up in a space in the Hungerford Building here in Rochester and just did our thing. The overall turn out was pretty decent and it was mostly just fun. It was cool to hang out with RNEST folks, get a chance to talk, and simply do what we do in a low key environment. Here are a few photos from the event and you can few more on my Facebook page.

This past weekend was the Indie Garage Sale in Utica. To you Central/Western NY crafters out there : do this show. It's awesome. The organizers were great, the turn out was outstanding, and the vendors were fun. Definitely one of my best shows and a great first show to travel for (even if it was only 2 1/2 hours away). And the hotel we stayed it wasn't even sketchy! Although I'm sure the 'Happy Journal Motel' next door rented by the hour.
It was a long weekend, especially since I started coming down with a cold Friday night, but well worth it. I also could not have done it without Ben; he was wonderful. Drove there so I could sleep in the car, helped load and unload, watched the table so I could pee, and even made a few sales! I'm a very lucky girl :)
I was too tired to take pictures of the whole event, but here are some of my booth.

I won't be selling anywhere else this year, but that is perfectly fine. There's a lot going on at Small World and I'm already heading home to NJ in less than 2 weeks for X-Mas. I'm looking forward to having a whole week to just chill out and rest; and I cannot not wait to see my friends in Delaware for New Years!!

....Although I still don't think there will be as much sleeping as I'd like in the next few weeks...oh well...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Treasury for a Tuesday

With the Indie Garage Sale approaching quickly and with all the other work I have to do this week, I regrettably don't have time to make a treasury this week.
(Although after last night's XTMP meeting, I'm tempted to make one about mustaches, as sick of seeing them as I have become...)

Instead, here are a few lovely treasuries my books have been featured in over the past week or so:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday : RememberADay

With winter closing in, I'm just itching for some cozy things to wear. These leg warmers by RememberADay would satisfy that itch perfectly. They just look so soft and big and puffy and warm...mmmmm! Not to mention that I am very attracted to the carefully selected autumn color palette of red, brown, and golden yellow. They represent the perfect balance of bright color and quiet neutrals.

And a good pair of leg warmers makes for a good excuse to wear skirts and shorts through the winter as well!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Treasury for a Tuesday : The Cheese Stands Alone

I was lucky enough to avoid the experience of having mice in my home until the summer of 2010. I lived in a house that was practically the woods and a lovely little finally of rodents found solace in our central air conditioning system. And our counters. And our pantry. And, for one of the babies, a party of drunken college students (I don't think he found an solace though, mostly terror).

I had a few mouse related encounters over the past few days. There's nothing like having one of these little critters sneaking around your space : they're cute and all, but I could do without them eating my food and shitting on my counters.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to the drawing board...

Getting it together since returning from Thanksgiving weekend.

On the horizon:
-RNEST Craftmas this weekend
-IGS in Utica next weekend
-attempts to continue Tuesday Treasuries and Wishlist Wednesdays

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This weekend, from Nov. 24th-27th I’m hosting a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale all in one! Use coupon 
code BLACKCYBERMONDAY to save 20% on your Soft Shell Crafts order.

*Please also note this holiday season that custom orders are available upon request.