Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday : bananastrudel

As you can see, I am going to attempt to integrate some consistency in this blog with weekly, themed posts. On Wishlist Wednesdays, I'll feature an items some of my favorite shops, things I've been considering buying for a while, and items from shops of people I know.

To kick off this feature, I'll actually going to talk about an item that represents more an idea for me.


Banana Strudel's shop is filled with tons of beautiful antique maps and illustrated charts of animal life. If her maps weren't so precious, I'd love to incorporate them into one of my map books.

Of course, the map of Delaware resonates with me because of my connection to the state. Having gone to college there, it represents an infinite amount of wonderful memories and I pine for the friends I made while there (even with many of them in different states).  
 With my sister currently attending school there, I have just another good excuse to plan a visit down there. But until then, I'll just look at this map.

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