Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi followers!
I would first like to apologize for the sudden absence for the blog-o-sphere. Over the last month I have visited a friend in Canada, gone hiking, traveled to France, spent time with my family in Jersey, visited NYC, and raced Hurricane Irene home today. During that time, I have created very little new things (bummer) but have been gathering new inspiration (hurray!).
After spending today settling back in at home, tomorrow I’m going to kick things into gear! Stay tuned for:

-new product ideas

-new books

-photos from France

-A GIVEAWAY! (via Tumblr)

-upcoming events (that I’m both attending and planning)

-and more surprises! (probably for both of us)

Thank you to those who have been following this long and to any new followers who have stumbled across Soft Shell Crafts in my absence!

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