Monday, July 18, 2011

Boulder Fest: great success

This was definitely one of the best vending experiences I have had thus far. Boulder Fest was a weekend long event, but do to working my 'real job' on Friday and Saturday, I was only able to participate on Sunday. It was a great day and next year I'm going to keep my schedule open for the whole weekend.

The weather could not have been better. It was hella hot but a breeze came through every now and then to chill the heat out (although it did occasionally send many of use running after signs and items). The sun shined all day and, even though a few things are still a little greasy from sunscreen, I actually got some tan as opposed to the usual blood boiling sunburn my body has become accustom to over the years.

Table set up was solid:

This was the widest variety of items I've displayed and everything got very positive feedback.
There were the usual suspects:

Beer books:

Record bowls and bookmarks:

Brand spankin' new patches! (wash when nasty was very popular, and was the only one that sold):

And even some original arts:
All of the bands that played were totally sweet. I was especially a fan of Buddhahood's reggae jams. The whole day was very summer time.

As always, I wish I had taken some more photos but it's hard to man your table and walk around at the same time. It always seems that the minute you walk away you miss someone coming to check out your stuff.

I sold a good amount of stuff and even made some trades with some of the other vendors. I got a great dress from Frank of The Shinebox and a cool photo from another vendor whose card I forgot to grab (bummer!)

Oh yea, did I mention I hired an employee last night?
Actually, he hired himself after he (his parents) bought my Tiger Journal, talked to me about animals for a half hour, and then volunteered to help me sell books with his mom's encouragement. (He actually did get someone to buy a record bowl!) In this photo, we are selling a banana for free.

Like a said, it was a great day.

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