Sunday, June 19, 2011

Soft Shell on Blogger

Hello Blogger.
I'm a Allie, founder and sole employee of Soft Shell Crafts, which is an Etsy shop focusing in the recycling of what would normally be considering 'trash' into useful objects. The main focus is hand collaged and bound journals, but I am expanding to decorate single-flower vases out of wine bottles, record bowl books, and maybe some more exciting ideas so don't touch that dial kids.

I am a blog user dating back to the Xanga days (can't tell what's worse, admitting that or that I'm originally from Jersey..well, now you know the worst). The Etsy market, the craft world, and the concept of blogging from a 'business stand point' is still somewhat new to me. I've always been more of a personal blog user, keeping things simple and to the point. The blog centered around my fine art work (Bending my Brain in 4D, check it out) consists of very sort posts, usually photos, with little explanation. I'm going to attempt to change that for this blog, write a little bit more about what's happening in the world of Soft Shell Crafts (most of the time, you'll be seeing the desk in the corner of my living room)

I already have a Tumblr running for this purpose but I am not sure that it is the right platform for what I am trying to do (sorry Tumblr, I still use you). What I'll be trying to do is integrating the 2 blogs such that one imports the material from the other, mainly to not lose the current precious followers I already have. (Just don't tell Tumblr I'm seeing another blog, she gets jealous sometimes, keeps demanding that I reblog her).

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the blog and, even more so, I hope that you take a gander at my Etsy shop, because that's what this whole thing is about after all.

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